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The Leasing Solutions of Europcar

The leasing of Europcar today allows a customer to 'buy' a car without a big investment. Every customer (person/company) can pay a fixed monthly sum for a certain and defined period of Vehicle 

Leasing that varies from 1 - 3 years.


Vehicle Leasing

Europcar Abu Dhabi offers innovative leasing solutions which would improve your fleet for less capital outlay and would keep maintenance costs under control as well as will free you from all the worries associated with fleet management such as: car registration, settling damages with insurance companies, arranging insurances, regular vehicle maintenance, etc. 

A person that chose this type of lease will pay a fixed monthly amount which is based on the vehicle lease to own.

The customer will have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease period at a very competitive price.

Various leasing periods are offered ranging from 12 till 36 months.


Services Included

Client services call center (24/7)

Full fleet maintenance at authorized garages with high quality control.

Tires change and storage room.

Free of charge roadside and towing services (24/7)

Supply of an alternative car on availability in case of breakdown or accident.

Leasing plan tailored to your needs.



Innovative approach in managing the fleet - substantial economies of time and resources for your business.

Predetermined monthly expenses - better forecast of your outgoing cash flow.

Monthly payments are treated as operational expenses and are fully deductible from company income - variable tax benefits.

Wide selection of brands - entitles you to better solution.

International company - global geographical presence which alleviates services to multinational companies.


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Emirates: Abu Dhabi

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